Who is responsible for eHerkenning?

A ‘public-private partnership’, what does that mean?

Why does eHerkenning cost money?

How is the price of an eHerkenning means determined?

My contact details have changed. Whom should I inform of the changes?

I only need eHerkenning for the Tax and Customs Administration and want to use the compensation scheme. How can I apply for this?

Why have I received an invitation to give a review of my means supplier?

How do I file a Request for Change (RfC) regarding the Trust Framework?


Applying for eHerkenning

How do I apply for eHerkenning?

Can I apply for an eHerkenning means as a matter of urgency?

Why are there several suppliers?

How do I choose the right supplier?

How long does the application process take?

What type of eHerkenning means/level of assurance do I need?

I have several companies. Can I use a single eHerkenning means for all of them?

Can I share my eHerkenning means with others or transfer it to them?

Can I apply for eHerkenning for an organization or company that will (soon) be unsubscribed from the Chamber of Commerce?

Why am I required to give personal details when applying for an eHerkenning means (such as a copy of my identity document)?

How do the authorized suppliers protect my personal data and privacy?

Why am I required to transfer € 0.01 through iDEAL when applying for an eHerkenning means?


Logging in using eHerkenning

I am a self-employed person (one-man business, self-employed worker without employees (zzp’er), freelancer). Can I use eHerkenning?

I have problems logging in (lost login details or error message)

How can I upgrade a means?

Why am I not permitted to use my DigiD for logging in?

My company details will change. Will this have consequences for my eHerkenning means?

Can I do business electronically using eHerkenning on behalf of a church?


Chain legal authorisation

When should I give someone a mandate?

How can I give someone a mandate or change a mandate?

How do I know which mandates have been recorded within my organization?