Chain legal authorisation

Do you want to outsource work for which eHerkenning is required, such as applying for subsidies with municipal authorities, filing tax returns, or filing sick reports in the employer portal of Employee Insurance Agency UWV? You can do so with a supply chain authorisation. With this authorisation, a company authorizes another organization (often an external agency or intermediary) to take care of an online service for you, using eHerkenning. The intermediary may then have a mandate registered in the name(s) of one or more employees. The employee(s) is/are then authorized to act on the company’s behalf through eHerkenning. Your company does not need to apply for eHerkenning in that case, but you must give the agent permission for this supply chain authorisation.

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Nederlandse bedrijven digitaliseren. Dit leidt ertoe dat steeds meer zaken online geregeld worden. Onderling, en met de overheid. U kunt als bedrijf een tussenpartij inschakelen om namens u verschillende overheidszaken te regelen, zoals de aanvraag van bouwvergunningen en parkeerontheffingen. Hierbij is het noodzakelijk dat de tussenpartij bevoegd is en dat alle aanvragen op betrouwbare wijze gebeuren.

Een ‘ketenmachtiging’ via eHerkenning maakt dit mogelijk. Hiermee kunt u een machtiging afgeven aan een tussenpartij. Deze partij is hierdoor bevoegd om namens uw bedrijf zaken te doen en kan vervolgens zelf aangeven wie binnen hun eigen organisatie zaken voor uw bedrijf mag regelen. Dankzij de ketenmachtiging kunt u dus uw overheidszaken betrouwbaar laten regelen door een tussenpartij met een eHerkenningsmiddel.

Eenvoudig, tijdsbesparend en efficiënt.

Maak ook gebruik van de ketenmachtiging van eHerkenning. Kijk voor meer informatie op

English transcription

Chain Legal Authorisation

Dutch businesses are going digital and so more and more transactions are being done online, both business to business and with the authorities.

Businesses can use agencies to deal with various official matters on their behalf, such as applying for planning permission or parking permits.

An agent obviously has to be properly authorised and all applications have to be made with the right level of assurance. An eHerkenning ‘chain legal authorisation’ is the answer.

It enables you to officially authorise an agent, who then has the legal authority to complete transactions on behalf of your business and can also designate individuals within their own organisation to handle matters for your business.

A chain legal authorisation therefore gives you a way of allowing an agency to deal with public authorities on your behalf with the right level of assurance, using an eHerkenning login. Simple, time-saving and efficient.

You, too, can make use of the chain legal authorisation provided by eHerkenning. For more information, see

How do you apply for a supply chain authorisation?

The company on whose behalf an action is to be taken, must put in paper the supply chain authorization they are giving to the chosen authorized supplier. They must both fill in a paper form for this, after which the supplier electronically records the mandate. First, consult the intermediary which steps need to be taken to apply for a supply chain mandate. The intermediary is familiar with the steps that need to be taken in the application process. Please consult your intermediary to avoid erroneous applications.

Before an intermediary can do business online on behalf of a company using eHerkenning, a number of steps must be taken with one of the authorized eHerkenning suppliers:

Applying for a supply chain authorization checklist:

  • Record the supply chain mandate for the agent with an authorized supplier.
  • Please be aware that costs will be charged for these mandates.
  • You should take care to revoke the mandate to the intermediary in time when you terminate the collaboration.
  • A supply chain authorization cannot be used to log in to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).
  • The organizations involved will arrange for a Chamber of Commerce extract, which may not be older than 14 days.

Please collect the following details from the authorized representative:

  • personal details
  • e-mail address
  • mobile phone number
  • a copy of a valid identity document.

Please be aware that the company’s authorized representative(s) must be physically identified. This means that an appointment is made for identification to take place, after which the application process may be concluded. In order to keep processing times short, you should schedule the appointment at the earliest opportunity. The end user and the intermediary must complete a form for registering a supply chain authorization. A number of documents and details are needed to complete the registration forms. If you have any questions, you may contact an authorized supplier that issues supply chain authorizations, i.e. Reconi (formerly CreAim), KPN, Z login, QuoVadis, We-ID  (formerly Connectis) or Digidentity.

Please watch the presentation for more information.