Legal authorisation

If you want to use an online service using eHerkenning, you must be authorized to do so. An eHerkenning means only works if you have a mandate or authorization. Mandates are automatically assigned to means at level of assurance 1 (EH1). You must apply for a mandate for EH2 and higher. Just like all eHerkenning tools, mandates are personal.

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English: Legal authorisation

A mandate can only be assigned by someone in the organization who has signing authority according to the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce. If several persons have signing authority, they may also be required to sign for the mandate. This depends on your company’s articles of association. The ‘authorized signatory’ may also appoint a mandate administrator who will issue the mandates. A mandate administrator relieves the authorized signatory of a lot of work. That is why you should first check who, in your company, has signing authority, and whether a mandate administrator has already been appointed.

When should you apply for a mandate?

If you apply for an eHerkenning tool with one of the six authorized suppliers, you indicate on the online registration form for which services you wish to be authorized. Do you want to register or change a mandate later? You can do so using an online change form, available at your supplier, or through your supplier’s online management module.

Changing and managing mandates

The administrator may use the management module to apply for mandates and change them. The management module also gives a comprehensive overview of all means (acquired from the same supplier), mandates and levels of assurance provided within the organization(s) for which the administrator is authorized. What is more, the management modules of a number of suppliers include the option of simply purchasing new tools and upgrading existing tools. Ask your supplier about the management module features.

If you have obtained permission from the mandate administrator or the authorized signatory, you may apply for a mandate for all services of a particular level of assurance.